Twitter Reacts to Netflix’s New Reality Show Surrounding TikTok Stars: Hype House

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In an interesting turn of events, Netflix released a new reality show that focuses on Hype House. In case you were unaware, the Hype House is a social media mansion that has TikTok’s most prominent stars, usually still teenagers, living together so they can create TikTok content together. The Hype House is not the only one of these social media mansions, but it was an extremely popular one, with almost 20 million followers on TikTok. As such, there were many mixed reactions to the new show from Netflix.

Twitter’s reaction

When the Hype House first became the most popular in 2020, it included TikTok stars like Addison Rae and Charli D’Amelio, but they left before the show began filming. And though Sienna Mae Gomez was supposed to be included in the show, she was then accused of sexually assaulting Jack Wright, so she was omitted when the show came to air. From this, Larri Merritt, Larray on TikTok, believes his COVID-19 diagnosis was used to craft more content in Sienna’s absence. While streaming, he clarifies that part of the show was false, like scenes where they claim he went to a party with Covid. When people first saw this scene, it seemed to bother viewers the most.

Chase Hudson also commented that he felt that he was portrayed as a villain in the show, which many felt as if he was antagonized a lot in the series. He discussed in an Instagram live, saying that many scenes were cut out. He also clears up that he did pay rent and that it was paid by the Hype House, which was something discussed in the show. And though they gave him producer credit, he notes he was not given any control over the episodes.

Overall, it seems like many began to watch the show as a joke or because they are in isolation due to Covid, but many people began to actually enjoy the show and found it genuinely entertaining.


Nikita Dragun, who is often seen as a problematic influencer, was also on the television series. Many felt this was odd, as many of the members are only 18 or 19, while Dragun is 25, so some felt uncomfortable with the age difference.

Though some might find it dumb to center a television show around rising social media stars, social media is continuing to grow and is relatively new, so it is something that interests people. This Netflix series is a true example of that.

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