Twitter Reacts to Article Suggesting Some Might be Naturally Immune to Covid-19

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Image: Mika Baumeister | Unsplash

Right now, many on Twitter are reading and discussing their thoughts on an article posted yesterday to the app that suggests some people might have a natural immunity to COVID-19. The article investigates questions concerning one’s natural immunity and why someone might fall ill to COVID-19 multiple times while others have gone without being infected once. According to experts, those who avoided the virus in the two years it has been prevalent have recently become just as important to researchers as those who have been infected prior. Now, many on Twitter are discussing their experiences with COVID-19 and what they have noticed when it comes to infection rates and those who have yet to have the virus.

According to the article, scientists are interested in those who have gone without being infected as they might be the key to irradiating it. The article also stated that “in rare instances, some people may be COVID-immune without infection or vaccination at all.” This also becomes interesting when you think about how the virus has mutated and how you can know if you are truly immune or not. According to the article, more than half of Americans have never had COVID-19, which is an incredible number when considering how many people you know who have become infected. A medical worker wrote that ” I was exposed at home, however, after my sig o was diagnosed. Oddly, I still did not get it.”

Now, many are wondering why one person could be infected and others could not. Some have suggested it has to do with blood type, but there has not been any evidence that proves this yet. Some, however, theorized that those who went without being infected have the same risk as everyone and are not naturally immune, but instead made sure to avoid crowds and always wear a mask, along with receiving their vaccinations. Some on Twitter noted that there was nothing special to avoiding the infection other than the things officials have instructed us to do over the past few years of the pandemic.

And yet, scientists are still interested in studying the uninfected, as it “may help us against omicron — and any future variants of concern.” So, although there is no answer yet that explains if some are naturally combative against the virus, some are hopeful that this could still open answers to containing the virus breakouts.


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