Twitter Reacts to Spotify Wrapped

"Happy Spotify Wrapped to everyone who celebrates."
By Savannah Moss
Image: Spotify | Twitter

This morning, December 1st, Christmas came early from Spotify as they released their highly anticipated Spotify Wrapped. Spotify Wrapped is the annual announcement from Spotify that lets listeners know their top artists, top songs, most played genres, and more fun facts about their listening habits. It also tells artists their statistics as well, like who was the most listened to on Spotify. Many await this every year, as they find it funny or exciting to see what they had on replay during their year, causing #SpotifyWrapped to trend number one.

Spotify’s Year-End Charts

Olivia Rodrigo began to trend along with Spotify Wrapped, as her incredibly popular song “driver’s license” made the top songs globally during 2021, with her other hit song “good 4 u” making the fourth place. She was also a top artist, which many think is impressive as this was her debut album. Sour, the debut album in question, also was #1 as a top album in 2021.

Many were also discussing Taylor Swift, who was the most-streamed female artist of 2021. She has been in the top 4 since 2017 when it comes to being the most streamed female artist.

Memes from Spotify Wrapped 

Of course, it would not be Twitter without a few memes. Many users joked about how there is so much excitement and hype for December 1st when Spotify normally releases their Spotify Wrapped. Instead of being excited for the upcoming holidays, like some might expect, many look forward to December 1st to unveil their Spotify Wrapped.

Other people made jokes at Apple Music users’ expense, as people who do not use Spotify obviously do not get to join in on the fun and must watch from the sidelines.

Though parents are welcome to join the fun of course, some expressed that their music taste was skewed by their little one’s, and their top artists were “The Wiggles” and a top song of “Baby Shark.”

All in all, it was another successful year for Spotify, which blessed us with telling us our musical auras and letting us make combined playlists with our friends based on our music tastes.