Margaret Cho Opens Up About Karl Lagerfeld and Weight Issues

  • Comedian Margaret Cho is best known for her hilarious standup routines, but the Korean-American is also an avid and passionate blogger, no doubt fueled by her strong opinions on all things pop culture.

    “I write a lot,” Cho said during What’s Trending’s season two premiere. “I think for me, it’s sort of the base from where I get to joke writing. That’s where it starts, from blogging. I’ve been a blogger for a long time.”

  • It should come to no surprise that Cho’s affinity to blogging and writing comes so naturally; she’s authored two books, I’m the One That I Want and I have Chosen to Stay and Fight, released in 2000 and 2005 respectively. She’s a self-described “hardcore blogger,” writing on a daily basis and explaining that she combines personal post with social commentary, tackling issues like female body image and even writing obituaries, mentioning her recent posts in the wake of songstress Whitney Houston’s death.

    “I think she (Houston) went into a fame when I still believed in show business,” she said. She said that after having a tough time with bullying while in school, Cho found a role model in Houston, and her connection with her was personal. While she knows Bobby Brown, Cho had never having met the famous singer.

    “I think it’s such a shattering thing,” she said about Houston’s death. “We live lives so quickly on the internet. I am still really in shock.”

    One of Cho’s recent blog posts concerned comments made by German designer Karl Lagerfeld about singer Adele. Lagerfeld called Adele “a little fat,” and made headlines elsewhere for his offensive remarks. A question submitted by a viewer asked Cho why she got so fired up by the comment.

    “I am anorexic and bulimic, and I think these diseases are just as deadly as AIDS or cancer,” she said. “It’s a disease that’s spread by casual ignorance and casual cruelty, like Karl Lagerfeld said. So many girls have been told, myself included, ‘you would be so pretty if you lost weight.’ I am sick of people casually saying things like that.”

    “I am going to do everything in my power to shame them,” Cho said.

    While she admitted that being a fan of both Lagerfeld and Adele spurred her emotions, she didn’t care for his apology, but instead asked that Lagerfeld design a new line for full-figured women instead of issuing an apology.

    But not all of Cho’s responses were as assertive and passionate as her thoughts about Houston and Lagerfeld. Never the one to take herself too seriously, Cho is a fan of crime shows, has tattoos covering more than 15 percent of her body and admitted to host Shira Lazar that she went commando during her appearance on What’s Trending. This meant she wouldn’t be able to show of her newest tattoos, 2 faces located on each butt cheek.

    “I don’t have underwear on, so it would be weird,” she said.

    What’s next? She’ll be heading to Atlanta to shoot the 3rd season of her Lifetime show Drop Dead Diva, where Kim Kardashian is joining the cast. Cho shared that while there, she just might make an appearance on the Kardashians reality show.

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