Why Yachting Will Be Big in Summer 2022

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It may be early in the year, but you might already be thinking about your summer holidays. If you’re someone who likes to follow the trends, whether it’s tech, fashion, or something else, you might want to keep up with the travel trends forecast for summer 2022.

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Workcations, wellness, getting back to nature, and yachting are just a few trends expected to become big, but if you have a family, you might especially want to get in on the trend of yachting. Below is an exploration of why chartering yachts and boats are going to be so popular this summer. 

A trend in an industry that’s growing more and more popular

The yacht chartering industry has been growing steadily each year since 2019 and boat- and yacht-for-hire companies, such as BorrowaBoat, are likely to see more people charter vessels this summer. Experts have already predicted the industry will register a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.6% during the 2020 to 2027 period, with the value of the market increasing from 6.50 billion USD in 2019 to 10.82 in 2027

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Part of the reason for the industry’s growth has been the expansion by companies of their fleets as they make themselves available for more and more customers. Not only that, but some businesses have begun to explore new markets that have remained largely untouched. The industry has also witnessed the emergence of a lot of startups, which has increased the competition in a field that is already highly competitive. 

So it’s likely the industry will see more people chartering a yacht or boat. This won’t be just a trend amongst friends, however. In summer 2022, families, too, will be willing to take to the waves and experience the joys of chartering a yacht. Here’s why:


When a family visits a hotel or any other destination on land, there are always so many more distractions. The whole point of a holiday is to get away from it all and just enjoy the time together. 

A yacht affords a family the perfect opportunity to do that. Out there on the waters, they can just relax and connect, free of distractions. There’s nothing like just sailing in a bay. Some family members may even take the opportunity to do some diving or other watersports. Either way, this an amazing chance to spend quality time together with family members who might not normally see as much of as they’d like to, due to work commitments, parental responsibilities or for other reasons. 



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Pure relaxation

It’s possible to charter yachts with our without a captain, but hiring a yacht with a captain will help families to relax even more. The captain will be able to inform them about lots of different aspects of yachting and will know how to address any issues that come up. They’ll also take care of the navigation. All the family has to do is just sit back, relax and enjoy the experience.


Chartering a yacht is a taste of the high life, but one that’s now much more affordable. Some people are even choosing to charter a yacht than to go on a cruise, which gives an idea of just how much more affordable this type of travel experience has become.

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Yachting has that touch of glamour about it. The yachts are clean and comfortable, allowing the users to kick back whether out on the deck with a glass of champagne or even just a glass of wine or beer, or taking some shade from the sun in one of the living compartments.

The adventure of discovery

Today, there are so many different destinations to which it’s possible to sail on a chartered yacht. Companies such as Borrow a Boat have vessels in more than 65 countries, offering a large selection of potential destinations. While sailing on the yacht, the family can witness some of the most beautiful coastlines in the world and explore some of the world’s most amazing ports. 

The opportunity to see marine life

While out on the seas, and depending on the location, chartering a yacht creates opportunities to see all sorts of marine life, all in its natural habitat, which makes it even more stunning. As the yacht moves gently across the waters, delightful dolphins may jump up out of the water and alongside the vessel, racing against it. Sea turtles may even swim casually beneath the yacht. 


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To tick off the bucket list

Yachting is something of a luxury and an activity some families think they might never ever get to do in their lifetime… kind of a bucket list activity, a dream, rather than something they see as a potential reality. But now that it’s become more affordable, this is the time for families to tick chartering a yacht off their bucket list and then move on to the next big family adventure (or book another yacht for their next holiday if they want to relive it but this time explore a different destination). Book your dream luxury travels with the best luxury travel dubai agency.

Yachting is likely to be even more popular than it already was, as families discover the affordability of this activity and also take the chance to explore and experience a taste of the high life. When they charter their yacht, they can be sure of an unforgettable holiday. Will you be taking yours on one?

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