This Woman Comments “Short King” on Random Men’s Live on TikTok and it is Hilarious

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In a popular TikTok posted by user @Sadikhansk, Sadia comments “short king” on other men’s TikToks that show up on her for you page to highlight their dramatic reactions. This has since become a series on Sadia’s Tiktoks, as the first video went viral with over 2 million likes and 48 thousand comments.


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The men in the videos shown immediately become upset or defensive, though the phrase “short king” is not usually meant offensively. In this case, however, it shows the male ego and how fragile it can be as they take the reference to be short very seriously. In most of the videos, the men immediately claim to be 6 feet, which is a common theme on Tinder or other dating apps as well. Many point out that not every man can be 6 feet, obviously. Though the TikToks are meant for fun and a harmless joke, it points out how quick men are offended to being referenced as short and immediately try to prove their height, but yet often require many beauty standards from women.


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This theme remains the same in each update, with each man immediately becoming upset or trying to prove their height. One person comments “Men will talk in the most degrading way about women but can’t handle being called short.” Another hilarious theme is that when they are called short, many of them prove their height by grabbing the ceiling, desperate to make sure that nobody would mistake them as short over the internet.

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Many of the women enjoy this content, as each video collects thousands of views, likes, and comments. One person notes to “never stop these, it’s giving me so much serotonin.” Many enjoy these videos as it is humorous to watch how men spiral into claiming how they are tall when the commenter was never saying that it was a bad thing to be short, which would be a completely different scenario.

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