Woman Puts Laxatives in Coffee Creamer to Prove a Point to Her Coworkers

This is poisoning someone.
By Savannah Moss
Photo // Attorneyryan on TikTok

Recently, a controversial TikTok has been making its rounds for concerning reasons. Now deleted, the video showed someone putting laxatives in coffee creamer because she complained her coworkers kept using it without her permission. Another TikToker, who appears to be an attorney, explained why this is completely not okay.


@Attorneyryan explains “This is a crime. Don’t do this.” He goes on to say that it does not matter if it says “do not use” if you know that a person other than you would be using the creamer. Some people disagreed, saying that “it’s hers” and Ryan explained that “you can’t put a trap behind a “no trespassing” sign and get away with hurting someone.”

However, people believed that the woman in the original video had a right to do what she wanted with her own drink, claiming that you can put laxative in your own drink or that the people who were using her creamer were committing a crime as well- which was stealing the creamer in the first place. Ryan continued to explain that it was not the fact that she was putting something in the drink, but it was the trap itself that was illegal. People kept arguing in the comments, however, no matter what Ryan attempted to explain.

Many people kept reiterating that stealing was a crime or that the jug had the woman’s name on it with clear instructions not to use it. However, the TikToker continued to explain how the trap itself was illegal no matter what was written on the jug. He explained that if you trap someone with the intentions of them using it and getting sick, which seemed to be the woman’s intentions with the laxatives in the creamer, then it is illegal. He explains that having your name on it would not be a defense- especially since the TikTok exposed her true intentions. Some people did agree with Ryan, who joked that he was giving free legal advice, as people commented that a lot of the comments were not realizing that this qualifies as poisoning someone. All in all, it is probably best to avoid tricking people into drinking laxatives, even if they are taking your things.