Random Acts Of Kindness: Chicago Woman Twerks For Inmates

Vixen's of Valor
By Christian McBride


It’s not every day we get to report random acts of kindness coming from Chicago, Illinois especially towards inmates. The city has one of the highest crime rates since 2016 in any town or city in the United States per (neighborhoodscout.com). Today through the grime and clutter of violence a shining knight of kindness has made its way to a viral video on TikTok. You may or may not have been scrolling through your socials, watching choreography challenges or DIY’s but today is a day for heroism. It doesn’t take much to do a good deed for someone other than yourself but sometimes heroes shine so bright we can’t ignore their radiancy, even if it’s for inmates.


The city man… first day out here 😂 #chicago #funny #fyp

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Madison Tzagournius, who is a traveling food blogger had just landed in Chicago. As she stood near the window reflecting and enjoying the view of the city from her window. She couldn’t help but notice strange activity coming from the building across the street. The lights were flickering constantly as if there was a riot breaking out but no. As she stared at the lights flickering, she notices that the inmates were watching something, and it almost seemed that they were being entertained perhaps.  When she looked to her right, she saw a woman twerking from the top of the parking garage across the street. Bedazzling all the jailed men across the way.

The video has accumulated over 20 million views per the @Mazz1234_ TikTok account. Viewers all over the world were raving at these acts of heroism and valor in the latest hours. One viewer said “Not all heroes were capes” insinuating Rapunzel climbed to the highest tower to not just let down her hair but to twerk as well. “Many viewers predict that the woman has a loved one in prison and was putting on a show just for him and the other inmates tuned in, Per (Daily Dot). Bringing positivity amid one of the more negative environments we have on this earth. We love to see it and we need more of it. We are not sure who this patron of society is, but we wish her and all the inmates the best!