Women are Warned Against New Dangerous TikTok Trend

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TikToker, Mikkie Gallagher, goes viral for removing IUD at home. Creating yet again another dangerous TikTok trend.

Photo: Health Magazine Dangerous DIY IUD Removal Trend

How did this Trend Start?

TikTok a very popular platform for positive things, has also become a platform for dangerous trends that can lead to your next hospital visit. Trends from consuming so much Benadryl allergy medicine in hopes of creating hallucinogenic effects to destroying school bathrooms and filming the aftermath. This ‘IUD Removal’ trend is definitely one of them!

Mikkie Gallagher, posted a video months ago attempting to take out her own IUD from home and was able to do it within two minutes. In her video, which only recently went viral, she states she was not giving medical advice, but the caption reads, “Come along for a little DIY IUD REMOVAL”. At the end of the video, you see she was successful as you see the IUD in the palm of her hand. She may not have been urging followers to try at this home, followers took her video as an encouragement to also try this ‘simple DIY’ at home.



4. I didn’t want to pay someone $300 to do it for me ???? #mom #momlife #iud #iudremoval #diyiudremoval

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Why you should not remove IUDs at home?

An IUD is a preventive pregnancy form of birth control that is inserted into the cervix and has a 99% success rate. There might be instances where removing the IUD at home could be ideal, but medical professionals advise going to professionals to have them removed.  According to, OB/GYN Sherry Ross, “I would discourage self-removal of IUDs for safety reasons,” she says. That could cause a wide range of problems from internal pain, cuts, and even possible infections. “IUDs and other LARCs offer incredibly effective contraception,” says Alyssa Dweck, M.D., assistant clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and author of V Is For Vagina.

Photo: Tyla New Dangerous Trend sweeping TikTok

The new dangerous trend does not seem to be stopping in popularity, so before you think about removing it herself you should consult your health care professional.


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