YouTuber MrBeast’s “Squid Game” is Already One of His Best Performing Videos

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MrBeast | Twitter

Youtuber MrBeast, also known as Jimmy Donaldson, only released his reenactment of the infamous Squid Game, a Korean drama from Netflix, four days ago and it is now one of his most popular videos, currently ranking at #11. Currently, it has already received over 100 million views.

As of right now, it is projected to pass his number one most popular video, posted in May 2020 and has since collected over 150 million views. Many believe that MrBeast’s Youtube videos created the trend on expensive stunts, so it is no wonder that he would have created a reenactment of Squid Game, a television show where people fight to the death by playing childhood games. His other videos, however, were more mild versions of this competition. Though nobody was competing for their lives, MrBeast had many competing for 500,000 or a new Lamborghini. And, in MrBeast’s video, nobody was competing for their lives, but instead $456,000.

However, MrBeast’s popular video did not come without critique, as most popular things on the internet do not. Since the original Squid Game was a clear critique of capitalism in most’s eyes, many did not see a point in recreating it for views on Youtube or popularity.

Others were upset that MrBeast copied the idea of Squid Game to make their own for views, which some thought took out the creativity from the show. Though many were supportive of the video, happy to see it doing well, some felt it was in bad taste. Other people, however, noted that many of the proceeds from the video were donated to charity. Still, that did not clear it up for some people and some Twitter users still felt uncomfortable with the video, especially with it performing so well.


All in all, however, the video is doing exceptionally well. In fact, he was the top creator on Youtube this year in the US, with and has broken the record of most subs in a month on Youtube, with over 9.2 million subscribers in just a month.

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