Rappers Have Real Names, Too!

Ever wonder what Ghostface Killah's mom calls him? Here's your answer.

  • 1. Drake - Aubrey Graham

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    For a Canadian-Jewish rapper, it's no surprise his name isn't that tough.

  • 2. Jay-Z - Shawn Carter

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    Wait, there's no J or Z in his name? He's got 99 problems, and discerning which letters are in his name is definitely one.

  • 3. The Notorious B.I.G (Biggie Smalls) - Christopher George Latore Wallace

    Biggie smalls march 9th front large


    His real name makes him sound like some former king of England, and the crown really pulls the whole persona together. Rest easy, Biggie.

  • 4. Wiz Khalifa - Cameron Thomaz

    Screen shot 2013 10 24 at 6.27.34 am


    Wholeheartedly upset that "Wiz Khalifa" isn't just short for "Wizard Khalifa," although the Z at the end of his name is pretty cool.

  • 5. Rick Ross - William Leonard Roberts II

    Rick ross in june 2011 007


    For a man who uses two first names in his stage name, neither are his real name. He also sounds like a King of the Britons.

  • 6. Gucci Mane - Radric Davis

    Gucci mane booking info


    Very surprising his stage name is not "Rad Rick" because that's what I would've done. Radric is a boss name.

  • 7. Busta Rhymes - Trevor Smith Jr.

    Busta rhymes angry face


    Yep, Busta Rhymes is a way better name to rap under than Trevor. Trevor sounds like what you'd name a pet fish or gecko.

  • 8. Nelly - Cornell Haynes Jr.

    Nelly wallpaper 3 1280x1024


    Ohhhh, CorNELL.... NELLy.... I see what you did there.... ;)

  • 9 & 10. Method Man & T.I - Clifford Smith & Clifford Harris Jr.



    I'm thoroughly shocked that not one, but TWO rappers are named after the Big Red Dog that haunted my dreams throughout my childhood. Clifford The Big Red Dog was straight G, though.

  • 11. Ghostface Killah - Dennis Coles



    SO upset that his mom didn't name him Ghostface, as that would be a wonderful name for a child.

  • 12. Kanye West - KANYE WEST!

    Kanye west 007


    Yep, that's right, Yeezus himself does not go by a stage name! Congrats, Kanye, stay true to you, boo.

  • 13. Kendrick Lamar - Kendrick Lamar Duckworth

    Kendrick lamar eminem


    Yep, our hero Kendrick dropped his last name, and who can blame him? No rapper would want to deal with that last name, and he must have been teased all the time growing up. Quack, quack, mothaf***a!

  • 14. Chamillionaire - Hakeem Seriki



    With one of the most creative stage names in history, it's no surprise that Chamillionaire isn't his real name. Maybe he's really into lizards?

  • 15. MC Hammer - Stanley Kirk Burrell



    Much to the disappointment of his fans, the 90s phenom's real name is not that of an item located in a toolbox.

  • 16. Flo Rida - Tramar Dillard

    Flo rida


    While "Tramar" has dozens of options for stage names, Flo Rida was probably a better one. Bonus: the dude's FROM Florida!

  • 17. LL Cool J - James Smith

    Ll cool j


    With a name as generic as James Smith, LL Cool J has one of the better stage names out there right now. It's actually an acronym for Ladies Love Cool James. MIND BLOWING!

  • 18. Ice Cube - O'Shea Jackson



    If his first and last name were switched, he could've been Jackson O'Shea, potato farmer and amateur leprechaun enthusiast.

  • 19. Vanilla Ice - Robert Matthew Van Winkle

    Vanilla ice project diy network


    While it is inconclusive whether or not he is a descendant of Rip Van Winkle, Vanilla Ice seems to do more rapping than sleeping.

  • 20. RiFF RAFF - Horst Simco



    With a name that sounds like an infections plague, it's a good that Mr. Jody Highroller came up with a pretty 'swag' name for himself!

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