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Forget #PizzaRat, Meet #MilkshakeSquirrel!

What pest animal eating junk food will we find next?

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    The world continues to be astonished that pest animals will find and run off with the food we throw away.

    Fresh from the whole #PizzaRat thing, we’ve got another New York rodent, this time a squirrel, jumping into a trash can and grabbing a half-finished milkshake. It’s quite efficient about it, removing the straw before climbing out of the trashcan, carrying the cup over a fence and removing the lid.

    I’m not particularly surprised - my college campus was overrun with squirrels and I regularly saw them climbing up trees with entire bagels, or scaling 12-story buildings to chew through window screens and raid people’s trashcans. They’re agile little bastards.

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