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Gender Neutral Target Facebook Prank - #WTFem

The "Ask ForHelp" account really had some people fooled.

  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

    Target recently announced that they're moving away from gender-based signs in their stores, meaning kids' clothes and toys will no longer be labelled specifically for boys or for girls. A lot of people welcomed this change, but some took issue with the "political correctness" of it all and ranted about it on Facebook.

    That’s when Facebook user Mike Melgaard had a stroke of inspiration and set up a new profile called Ask ForHelp, with the Target logo as his icon, and started responding to comments. Lots of people fell for it, and the result was hours’ worth of internet hilarity.

    In today’s episode of #WTFem, guest host Ava Gordy had a lot of fun going through the reactions to Ask ForHelp. “Who would think that a real Target employee is going to say ‘where the good Lord split ya’ in their responses?”

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