$100,000 Pyramid Contestant Has Truly Awful Answer For Obama Category

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Oof. There are days, and there are DAYS, and then there are days when, while on national TV, across from legendary comedian Tim Meadows, you are asked to give the first names of some Obamas and instead you mention Bin Laden. Oof. Oof. Oooof. As far as game show goofs go, this one is a doozy.

This went down when improviser and new dad Evan Kaufman when on the $100,000 Pyramid — the game show where you have to name the elements of a group to have the person across from you accurately guess them — and Evan got “People With The Last Name Obama”. He takes a deep breath. “Osama Bin Laden”.

Wait, what?

There we so many ways to answer that question. You could say “Who was the last president” or just say “Michelle, Barack, Malia, Sasha”, or you know… not give lip service to what sounds like an Alex Jones theory. But wait! Evan Kaufman has an explanation of this entire thing! He credits new dad exhaustion (he’s a new dad), a weird thought process (Obama killed Bin Laden) and possible weird strains of racism despite his best ideas and intentions. Check out Evan Kaufman’s explanation below.



Okay! All cleared! Evan was upfront and had a sense of humor about his own insane gaffe, which is really nice to see.

Evan is also currently producing a very charming series about being a new dad, that has been featured on Upworthy that has all the loves, pathos, humor and empathy that a series like that needs.


See!!!! The people! The people making the gaffs! They’re human just like you and me! We may think they are monsters, ostracizing them from society, but nay! They are humans! They are wishing to be loved, and we are the ones who can bring the love! We can heal them! We can give joy! Bring joy!

Except for Barbecue Becky, screw her. Calling the cops on black people. To quote Mark Twain, “I don’t think so!”

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