Fousey Tube Brings a Rape Victim’s Story To Light

Popular social experiment YouTuber FouseyTUBE runs a public rape experiment to bring the issue of accusing rape victims to light.
By Mai Linh Nguyen

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    Popular YouTube FouseyTUBE, known for doing pranks and social experiments, released his latest experiment. A video done as a favor to one of his viewers, who shared her story with Yousef, and asked him to bring the issue to light.

    “Everyone around me advised me to not do this video. Not because they didn’t believe in my vision but because of how taboo society has made the topic of “rape” and “sexual assault.” A loyal TUBIAN in 2013 opened up to me and told me her story and kindly asked me to do a video raising awareness on the issue. I made her a promise and said of course. This project was made with the best intentions and pure heart. I know it will mean something different to us all and am happy to have opened up a well needed conversation. If I have offended anyone in my execution, please know that it was not out of ill intentions and I do sincerely apologize. I have been given a responsibility with this YouTube platform of mine and always told myself to stay true and progress towards change. I can’t do it alone, but together I believe we can. Ladies and gentleman, I present The Public Rape Experiment. “

    Yousef also states that he hopes his intentions aren’t lost on his viewers, and that his intentions weren’t to blindly accuse all men to be rapists, but to simply state that anyone is capable of being one.