High School Secretly Raises Money For Beloved Janitor To Visit His Son

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    What started out as an average assembly at Anderson County High School, turned into the best day of Ricky Spaulding’s life.

    Spaulding is the beloved janitor at the Lexington, Ky., high school and so the staff and students wanted to do something special for him.

    When they found out that he hadn’t seen his son, who is stationed in Italy, in a year and has never even met his new grandson, they decided to secretly raise money to send their favorite janitor overseas to visit his family.

    During the assembly, Principal Chris Glass announced that someone had made a mess in the gymnasium and, of course, Spaulding was on his way to the center of the court to clean it up. Instead of a garbage full of trash sitting on the court, it was a garbage full of $1,900.

    “Ricky is just such a great guy that it’s hard not to give to his cause,” Principal Glass told HLN.

    Ricky’s wife calls the money “a miracle” and says that it will pay for the “invaluable time” that they will spend with their son, daughter-in-law and grandson.

    “Words can’t describe the joy that I feel right now,” Spaulding said.

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