Once Upon A Time Welcomes Frozen To Its Roster

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  • Elsa in Once Upon A Time – Season 3 Finale – Frozen

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    ABC’s Once Upon a Time has gone through three seasons, 66 episodes and a number of storybook — or “Storybrooke” — characters. The show’s fans have seen quite a variety of characters, from Snow White to Rumplestiltskin and Pinnochio to the Huntsman.

    Now, Once Upon a Time is turning its attention to the fairytale that became the highest grossing animated film ever.

    Frozen, based off of Hans Christian Anderson’s The Snow Queen, has been met with a fandom almost ridiculous in proportion. Fans of both the TV show and the movie are now rejoicing over the series’ recent decision to include Frozen characters to its roster.

    Anna and Kristoff’s casting has been released, though all are still left wondering who Elsa will be.

    “Greek alum Scott Michael Foster will play Kristoff, the rugged mountain man who befriends Queen Elsa’s younger sister Anna, played by newcomer Elizabeth Lail. EW has confirmed that both roles will be recurring in season four,” according to Entertainment Weekly.

    After season three’s cliffhanger ended showing Elsa striding into the night with ice crystalizing beneath her, audiences not only wonder who has Elsa’s part, but what her part in Once Upon a Time will entail. Given that Frozen is a relatively recent fairytale brought to the screen, some believe her entrance is coming far too soon. Others point out that Anderson’s The Snow Queen predates the origin stories of many of Storybrooke’s characters and Elsa’s appearance will bring a new flair to the series.

    Regardless if the decision to include Frozen in Once Upon a Time is met with excitement, or disappointment, it seems fans on both sides will simply have to let it go, as it is a move that is set in stone (or, perhaps, ice).

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