Grace Helbig on How ‘The Girlfriend Tag’ Made Her ‘Huge on the Tube’

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    Grace Helbig is the perfect example of how being Huge on the Tube (#HOTT) can make you just plain HUGE (figuratively). The vlogger turned bestselling author is well known for her video The Girlfriend Tag, where she put her friendship with fellow Youtube personality Hannah Hart to the test. Grace talks about her viewers’ peculiar fan fiction and more on today’s “Huge on the Tube,” a VH1-What’s Trending production.

    “It’s really fun to see how much we do and do not know about each other,” Helbig said about the experience with Hart. “There is all of this mystery, I guess, in the community that follows both Hannah and I as to whether or not we’re dating. I’ve never really understood the idea of shipping people.”

    Special thanks to our awesome YouTube commentators, Lisa Schwartz, Shanna Malcolm and Jimmy Wong!

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