What Would it Be Like if People Talked Like Email in Real Life?

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  • In the olden days, people used to write long, heartfelt letters to each other. Have you ever read one of Thomas Jefferson’s letters? They’re works of art. In our modern world, we write emails. They are… not art. In fact, they’re pretty weird if you think about it. Who talks like an email? And how weird would that be?

    This video has the answers. (Spoiler: super weird.)

  • Via: www.youtube.com

  • Guys, please stop reply-alling to things! Nobody likes it. And, as the video shows, it’s even more awkward in real life.

    Comedians Tripp and Tyler are the CEO’s behind this office place nightmare. Check out their page for more clips, and remember to be polite but firm to any Nigerian princes that step into your office.

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