Adele Saves Thanksgiving in This Hilarious “Saturday Night Live” Sketch

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    Thanksgiving is a tough holiday sometimes – you sit down with your Red State relatives and try to keep everything loving and civil, but then your Aunt Cathy says something casually racist about Syrian refugees or police brutality that you can’t let slide, and the next thing you know the entire meal is at risk of going down in flames.

    “Saturday Night Live” has discovered the solution to this problem, and that solution is Adele. Because nobody, liberal or conservative, can resist dropping everything else they’re doing and dramatically lip-syncing along with the heartbreaking, soul-healing lyrics of “Hello.”

    Seriously, how did we even have relationships of any kind before Adele happened?

    She’s been having a great weekend all around. Also from her visit to “Saturday Night Live,” someone posted the raw microphone feed from her live performance of “Hello,” and let’s just say you don’t have to worry about whether she lip-syncs on stage.

    Our host Ava Gordy has more on Adele’s SNL appearance and people’s reactions:

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  • Then, there’s this great prank she pulled on a group of Adele impersonators by disguising herself with a fake nose and chin and joining their contest. Once again, the punchline here is “I’m Adele and my voice is fucking amazing.”

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