Is Batman V. Superman Already a Disappointment?

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  • On the eve of its impending release, Batman V Superman appears to be getting slammed by critics. So much so, rumors are flying around that the reviews alone are probably going to affect the box office.

    But, is the movie actually as bad as the critics are making it sound? On Rotten Tomatoes, there’s a clear split between the audiences and the critics. Here’s what the professionals had to say:

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  • Boston globe
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  • Film racket
  • New york times
  • Slate
  • But the fans however, are singing a different tune. Even some of the mediocre reviews are saying the critics are being harsher than the film deserved.

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  • Chris t
  • Ines v.
  • Manuel j
  • Stephen f
  • But honestly, we think the best review came out of Nerdist who gave the most realistic review:

  • Nerdist
  • Have you seen the movie? Let us know what you really think of it in the comments down below!

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