You’ll never look at babies the same way again.
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  • Leave it to Japan to be weird about food again. Not long ago they were making salad look like cake, and now they’re saying bread looks like babies.

    For a bit of context, there’s a popular brand of pull-apart bread at 7-Eleven — and if you look at it just right, the rounds of dough look like a baby’s pudgy arm. Naturally, this has inspired a hashtag that translates to #MyBaby’sGotTheBestBreadPhoto with proud parents taking pictures of their infant’s delicious limbs.

    Twitter user SchwarzeKatze84 writes, “I created the tag, hope everyone else will look at it. Am I the only one who feels this will become the greatest tag?”

    As Buzzfeed points out, Japanese people have been comparing their babies to snacks for a while. Back in December they were squeezing babies’ faces to make them look like rice balls, and not long after that there was a meme of fat baby cheeks looking like Japanese rice cakes.

    Kind of takes the phrase “you’re so cute I could eat you up” to a whole new level.