A Lot Of People Think Ben Affleck Was Drunk On HBO’s New Talk Show

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  • Bill Simmons did not have the best of luck with guests during his show’s premiere!

    The mid-week HBO talk show hosted Ben Affleck who appeared to be drunk for his interview wih Simmons. At the mere mention of “deflategate,” the NFL controversy over the under inflation of footballs allegedly committed by the New England Patriots, Affleck proceeded to rant and rave about the punishment given to player Tom Brady.

    Fellow football fans can certainly understand the anger coming from Affleck, however audiences could not get over the Affleck’s slurring which makes him appear to have had one too many in the green room.

    TMZ reached out to Affleck’s people and heard from a source close to the actor that Affleck’s slurring was simply caused by his passion regarding the subject matter and that the actor was not drunk during the filming of the show.

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