"You're sending in bad guys so you don't have to risk innocent men's lives?" "No, there will be soldiers there too."
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  • There are two kinds of people in these United States of America: those who were conned by Suicide Squad’s cool trailers and decided to see it, and those who read the savage reviews and decided not to. But whether you’ve already been disappointed by Suicide Squad or are weighing whether or not you should bite the bullet and see what the hype’s all about, Jenny Nicholson has the video for you.

    The spoilerific video, titled “Suicide Squad Sales Pitch”, is structured as a conversation between Suicide Squad’s Amanda Waller and a hypothetical person who has the authority to sign off on the concept of a Suicide Squad. As Nicholson quickly demonstrates, the whole movie — like every DC movie so far — makes zero sense whatsoever.

    In the video, the non-Waller character (played by Nicholson in glasses) keeps asking common sense questions of Waller (played by Nicholson not in glasses), only to be constantly rebuffed with nonsensical responses. Topics at hand include the legality/ethicality of implanting bombs into the Suicide Squad’s necks, the purpose of including a guy whose only power is throwing a boomerang, and how odd it is that the Squad exists in the first place, instead of just sending soldiers.

    If you haven’t seen Suicide Squad, this should explain why you shouldn’t. And if you have, but have had trouble putting into words just why you hated it so much, this video does an amazing job of clearing everything up.

    In just a few days, Nicholson’s video shot to the front page of Reddit, was included as one of YouTube’s top trends, and earned over a million views. Of course, since Nicholson is a woman on the internet, it’s getting its fair share of hate, too. Even though Nicholson doesn’t comment on gender relations or feminism in the slightest in her video, trolls got hyped to tear her down. Nicholson even tweeted about the internet’s reaction:

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  • We’re with you, Jenny! We’re feminist f*cks too!

    What do you think? Do you support this hilarious parody, or are you a butthurt DC fanboy hater? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!