Shwarzenegger Had Perfect Response To Trump’s Slams Over Ratings

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  • How is being the President of the United States not enough for some people?

    After Arnold Schwarzenegger unveiled his new catchphrases in the first episodes of the Apprentice, the ratings are in and they’re— look, they’re respectable. But not respectable enough for some people I guess. Donald Trump, the (sigh) president elect of the United States and chicken statue model fired back at Arnold in a series of Tweets saying— oh boy, here we go, I’m quoting a Trump tweet, batted down the hatches!!—

  • Oh. Oh that did not feel good.There’s a theory out there that Trump’s tweets are a distraction from what is actually going on in his work that’s harmful towards America stuff like the election tampering by the Russians, the conflicts of interest, the fact that he’s a serial sexual assaulter, his ignoring of intelligence, the fact that getting rid of public healthcare, or you know— legit anything else.

    Literally just punch Trump into our search bar, it’s not good. That and the last part he can’t help but just give away the real reason why he’s lashing out at Arnold but also— doesn’t he produce this show? Wasn’t that an insane story from a month ago? Does he want—

    …does he want NBC to put him back? Is that actually his goal?

    Anywho, people were pretty stunned, but then they got a burn. The ultimate burn. From the Terminator himself, Terminating Trump with maturity and reasonable behavior.

  • Hahaha, Trump got owned by a mature person. Hey, have we tried doing that? We tried making fun of his hands. And that didn’t work. Maybe we just have to be mature so this guy looks like an ass for a few years?

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