Baby! Hippo! Takes! Shower!

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  • Look, we’ve had some cinematic triumphs in the field of “cute animal video”. Of course, we’ve had April the Giraffe giving birth on Facebook — something which originally shocked the censors who declared the giraffe as too naked — we’ve had this screaming dog — a video that I will never ever get tired of, and now we have a masterpiece. A baby hippo from the Cincinnati zoo taking a shower and subsequently falling asleep in it.

    It’s so so so cute. Watching this perfect little animal not have a car in the world beyond just the little water dropping on its head. Growing peaceful enough to smack its lips and just drop into slumber. It’s such a sweet little video. I can feel my blood pressure lower as Fiona’s tiny little eyes close and she dreams sweet little hippo dreams (about eating jungle explorers).

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