BBC Reporter Slapped After Grabbing Boob

I live for these awkward news moments.
By Alejandra Moedano
  • Reporting live from the field sure can be difficult. There is always someone who sees a camera and wants to get in on the action.

    While on location, BBC Reporter Ben Brown got slapped by a passerby after he pushed her away by the boob. Oof! Bad move buddy! Not a classy situation by any stretch.

    Sometimes reporters can handle these showboats, like the Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore stopping an aggressive college student with a well-timed knee to the crotch.

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  • BBC’s Ben Brown wasn’t paying close enough attention when he tried to move the curious student out of the way.

    Brown responded to the incident on Twitter, writing:

    Unfortunate interruption of broadcast in Bradford – just tried to minimise disruption but v tricky love on air – completely unintentional.

    Though Brown did receive some cheeky responses to the incident via Twitter, I wouldn’t worry about it too much if I were him. When I first learned of this incident I imagined a slap to the face, but it wasn’t all that serious.

    What do you think? Complete accident or creepy power move? I say accident. Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!