There’s A New Meme In Town: Meet The SHERIFF

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  • Folks, we here at What’s Trending always go ga-ga over the new meme (this joke works if you pronounce meme as “mee-mee”, but why would you do that? It’s pronounced meme), and this new one is a delightful one. Meet the Sheriff. He has an emoji for a face, and a body that represents what he’s the sheriff of. So what is he the sheriff of? Well that, folks— is up to the poster!

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  • The sheriff can be the sheriff of many, many things. Give the sheriff a body of clock emojis and he becomes the sheriff of time. Give the sheriff a body of sea creatures and he is the sheriff of the oceans. The sheriff is here. He or she is ready to delight. Folks. It is simply the sheriff.

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  • The sheriff made his first appearance in a now legendary Tweet from Los Angeles comedian Brandon Wardell wherein he was the Sheriff of “Sucking U Off”. Let’s check in with that Tweet now.

  • Ah, like a fine wine. This Tweet was so popular, Wardell even created a photo recreation of it— sort of. It’s weird. Check it out.

  • And here is the Sheriff meeting someone in the clearing. Maybe ready to suck off the person? Who knows!

  • The meme has taken a decidedly more G-Rated tone — ready for all to use as the sheriff of stuff is the sheriff of whatever your heart desires. It’s fun, folks, it’s fun!

  • What do you think of the sheriff? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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