YouTube Sued By Creators in Class-Action Lawsuit

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  • YouTube creators ZombieGoBoom are leading a class-action lawsuit against YouTube, claiming the streaming service intentionally demonetized and removed creator content in order to appease advertisers.

    This lawsuit comes after the infamous YouTube “Adpocalypse.”

    In May of 2017, many YouTubers like Phil DeFranco, H3H3, and PewDiePie announced they were making anywhere from 30% to 15% of the money they used to make before YouTube changed it’s advertising rules.

    One creator team hurt by Adpocalypse was ZombieGoBoom. James Sweet and Chuck Mere destroy prop zombies with outlandish weapons from TV, Movies, and Video Games.

    The lawsuit led by ZombieGoBoom alleges YouTube’s ad policy resulted in lost wages and viewership.

    YouTube as a service is allowed to censor creators just like a TV network censors a television show.

    However, when censorship is automated, it can hurt the wrong people. ZombieGoBoom shouldn’t lose money because of other creator’s bad behavior.

    Speaking about the lawsuit, a Youtube spokesperson said, “We have always worked hard to provide creators with the opportunity to earn revenue on our platform.”

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