Watch The Shocking Moment McCain Voted No To Repeal Obamacare

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  • In a perfect world, politics wouldn’t be such an “edge of your seat” theatrical event. But if it must be, I’m glad that yesterday it at least resulted in the people’s favor. Yesterday, the healthcare vote looked like it was poised to repeal the ACA in a “skinny repeal”. What that meant was vague — and that was part of the point, as the document itself was written over the senators’ lunch and many who voted for it did it assuming it wouldn’t pass which like — guys. What the hell. Just don’t vote for it. Haven’t you learned anything from Brexit? When you vote for shit you don’t want it still passes! You giant dummies!

    Luckily however the motion didn’t pass. The democrats opposed it all the way, as did the American people, of particular note the many disabled who went directly to congress to protest.

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  • We shouldn’t be just celebrating the GOP votes that sunk this thing — although they certainly are the most surprising. First to be celebrated is GOP Senator Collins from Maine and GOP Senator Murkowski from Alaska who were opposed to this bill from they very beginning — but much more shocking was Senator McCain who no one was sure which way he would go — especially after a shocking brain cancer diagnosis AND voting to bring this repeal to a vote to begin with.

    The two sides might not always agree, but I’m glad enough of the GOP agreed to let Americans — you know — keep going to the doctor — and the video of McCain voting is very much amazing. What do you think though? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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