Dog Just Wants to Save DiCaprio in The Revenant

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  • Dogs! They’re just like us! They too are terrified that Leonardo DiCaprio will get devoured by the mighty bear in The Revenant — and darn it if they don’t just want to save the poor little soul! Watch this beautiful bulldog — named Khaleesi by the way — bark at the TV screen as Leonardo DiCaprio is swung back and forth by the jaws of his ursine tormentor. The dog barks and seems stressed. Also, I get it man. That scene is TERRIFYING. You do you Mr. Bulldog, you do you.

    If this dog truly wanted to save Leonardo DiCaprio he would put his paws around the Academy Award winning actors’ shoulder and go, “My friend, the Oscar is just a statue. Focus on doing projects you’re actually interested in. Some of this stuff, a little pretentious, you know what I mean? I believe in you, man. Also, date women your own age. It’s just weird.” Instead he just goes bark bark bark. Typical.

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