Witness the Ritual Destruction of The Chuck E. Cheese Head

They smashed him with a sledgehammer. A noble end to a noble beast.
By Alex Firer
  • In the annals of tradition there are many powerful rituals we take on to try to comprehend the incomprehensible. Just as the Vikings burnt their own in a powerful ship that went onto the ocean, so do those closing a Chuck E. Cheese franchise as well — destroying the powerful mouse head with a sledgehammer. In Oak Lawn, Illinois one civilian witnessed such action — such powerful action — of teenagers smashing the head of Chuck E. Cheese to the heavens.

    What could be the meaning behind such action? Is the head of Chuck E. Cheese a powerful totem that may never be able to fall into the wrong hands? Is it to ward off the evil spirits that no doubt live inside Chuck E. Cheese’s physical form? Or is it just dope as all heck? I bet it’s dope as all heck. Apparently, it’s company policy to destroy the Chuck E. Cheese heads and I only thank them for giving this incredible animatronic musician the send out his incredible rock-and-roll self deserves.

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