Suspicious Truck Blocks CNN’s View of Trump Golfing

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  • So, Trump is a big weirdo, right? We know that, we can all agree on that. He looked into the eclipse and supported Nazis and had that unhinged press conference we all grew to love, but actually really hate. Part of Trump’s weirdness is his hypocrisy on how much the president should golf. During the Obama administration — where Trump made his name by becoming a key figure in the hyper-racist birther movement — Trump often accused Barack Obama of spending too much time golfing when he should be working. Here is where the hypocrisy comes in — Obama played 24 rounds of golf in his first year as president. Donald Trump has played a ridiculous 87 rounds of golf over 85 days — a third of his presidency thus far. A THIRD. 33% of Trump’s time has been spent vacationing. Jeez.

    Well, of course, that looks very bad. Why it makes the president look like a lazy racist hypocrite whose attacks are based more on partisan politics than any sincerity. So he has two options — go to work more and win back the American peoples’ trust, or he can park a big truck in front of CNN cameras so CNN can’t watch him golf. Oops. Looks like he chose the latter.

    Look. This guy stinks, ut at least any days he spends golfing aren’t days he spends president-ing. Small favors!

    Anyway, what do you think of Trump blocking the CNN cameras from watching him golf in a creepy, authoritarian way? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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