VIDEO: Steamed Hams Set to Gorillaz’s Feel Good Inc. Is an All Time Great

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  • Am I in a rush to declare the greatest meme of all time? Perhaps. Is this Steamed Hams meme just great enough to warrant its own entry? Oh, absolutely. We’ve seen quite a few incredible Steamed Hams memes — the meme inspired by the now uber classic scene from The Simpsons involving Principal Skinner anxiously lying to Superintendent Chalmers about why he can’t serve him steamed clams, referring to a bunch of hamburgers he quickly bought at Krusty Burgers as ‘Steamed Hams,’ has produced a lot of ambitious takes — but none quite as ambitious as this — where the clip in question is edited to sound like Gorillaz’s ‘Feel Good Inc.’

  • The work is incredible. The Gorillaz’s constant proclamation of “feel good” is replaced with Skinner or Chalmers saying “Steamed Hams,” and the cruel mocking laugh in Feel Good In.c is replaced with Skinner laughing quietly to himself. Even the rap portion is placed in when Chalmers is questioning Skinner about why the burgers are obviously grilled. Watch this clip… and be amazed!

    You may even… dare I say it… “Feel good.”

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