Shay Carl and Corey Vidal Debut “Vlogumentary” Official Trailer at VidCon 2013

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  • As promised, director Corey Vidal and executive producer Shay Carl premiered the much anticipated trailer for their “Vlogumentary” documentary film at VidCon 2013.

    The massive project features a compilation of interviews and clips from the web’s most famous personalities, who offer their thoughts on making careers in this newfound realm of entertainment, building communities of supporters and friends, and sharing personal experiences with millions of viewers online.

    The movie features prominent YouTubers Grace Helbig, John and Hank Green, Kassem G, Tay Zonday, and more, along with samples from up-and-coming vloggers.

    We talked with Shay and Corey earlier this year when they were just getting started funding the film on Indiegogo. Check out what they had to say and now see how far they’ve come!

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