Fright Night’s Christopher Mintz-Plasse: “I Love Blood. I Love Gore.”

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  • McLovin’ is back in business, but instead of buying the ladies alcohol with his fake ID, actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse is buying time with the lady vampires in his newest movie, “Fright Night.”  The horror flick, a remake of the 1985 movie with the same name, is about a dedicated horror fan named Charley Brewster (Anton Yelchin) who finds out his next door neighbor (Colin Farrell) is a vampire. Mintz-Plasse, who plays “Evil” Ed Lee in the film, stopped by the What’s Trending studio to talk with us about his love for horror movies, lady vampires and Twitter.

  • Mintz-Plasse, who is best known for playing Fogel in “Superbad,” explained what drew him to the role of Evil Ed. “I love blood. I love gore. And, that’s what Craig (Gillespie) wanted to bring to this movie.”

    When asked about playing his second “evil” character, Christopher joked, “It’s fun to be an a-hole sometimes.”

    In between big screen roles, the actor has also embraced the web space acting in Funny or Die videos with his “Fright Night” co-star David Franco — watch his most recent one (warning: NSFW).

    As for his consistent tweeting skills? The reason I joined was cause I lost a camera at a Russell Brand stand-up show in London, and my friend Jane Goldman who wrote “Kickass” was like ‘I have 500,000 followers. I’ll tweet and see if someone found your camera. So I joined two years ago and it just stuck… and tweet about music, promotion for my movies and random stupid jokes.”

    Fright Night opens in theaters nationwide today. Will you go check it out?

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