Snoop Dogg: "My Recipe is Being Me"
  • Snoop Dogg is quite possibly the most famous rapper in the world, but it turns out that social media plays a big role in keeping him connected with his “family.”

  • Snoop has millions of followers on Twitter and Facebook, but doesn’t consider them just ‘fans’, rather he called them his “family.” “We are a part of each other. They made me who I am,” Snoop said. The iconic superstar feels that being online helps to keep there from being a wall between him and the people who like his music and want to know about his life.

    Although Snoop said he didn’t have a computer growing up, he has come to embrace the way the internet keeps him connected with his audience. He told us that one of his favorite sites is Viddy, which allows him to post 15-second video clips to all of his social networks. Today, Snoop and Viddy announced the Snoop Pack, an app that features effects and soundtracks to help you created Snoop Dogg-inspired content. About Viddy Snoop said, “That’s a sly situation. I like that. To be able to communicate with my people visibly.”

    Of course Shira had to ask about Snoop’s performance at Facebook’s F8 conference where he also hung out with Sean Parker and Mark Zuckerberg. Snoop said he felt a connection with the social media icons. He told us, “Because we have come from so much struggle (that) when we finally make it, we’re happy to celebrate with someone who has the same story as us.”

    He then when on to joke that he didn’t get any business advise from the Facebook founder but thought that getting some money from them would REALLY help him learn how to be a great entrepreneur. As for the tip that Snoop gave Zuck on being a hustler, “I told them to put me in their next situation. Cut me in, I’ll cut it up.”

    As the conversation moved to Snoop Dogg’s 11th solo album, Doggumentary, the rapper explained that he is at place in his career where he could stop putting out music, but that “reflecting back on where I come from helps me want to continue on.” As for the inspiration for his new sound, Snoop credits his kids. “If I walk by their room and I don’t hear none of my music playing…I’m trying to figure out why I’m not getting no airplay.”

    His daughter, Cori B, was also in our studio for her WORLD PREMIERE song debut:

  • What is your all time favorite Snoop Dogg song?