First Look: The Dark Knight Rises Official Trailer

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  • Batman doesn’t return to end the Nolan trilogy until next year, but fans are foaming at the mouth for any information they can get their hands, and today they got a handful! Over the last few months the internet has been packed full of photos from set and speculation about Bane, Catwoman, and of course the bat himself – but, today the general populace gets its first real taste of the The Dark Knight Rises with Apple releasing an exclusive trailer for the film!

    Click the image below to view the trailer in HD:

    Now, as I stated before, while this is the first freebie look at the film, fans around the world willing to drop 20+ dollars on an IMAX ticket to Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol got to see the 10 minute prologue to the film. This is of course being toted in large part to MI:GP’s 13 million dollar third place boxoffice in its pre-release limited IMAX showings.

    What’s the point to all this? People want to see Batman! And, with the previous film grossing over a billion dollars at the boxoffice, it’s safe to say that Warner Brothers wants people to see Batman too! All we have to do now is wait till July 20th 2012… patiently.

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