Yoko Ono launches worldwide project to capture everyone’s smile

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  • The task seems almost impossible, but if anyone can dream it and even achieve it, it’s Yoko Ono. The artist wants to make a film with the smiling faces of every single human in the world, and to help her reach her goal she’s creating an app called “Smile.”

    It’s a project she’s envisioned since 1967. “Our smiles change moods and opinions as they radiate positive energy out into the world, creating joy, healing and peace, changing the Universe for the better,” she said in a statement.

    Downloading the “Smile” app captures photos and automatically adds the hashtag #smilesfilm to photos taken for Twitter or Instagram. People without the app can also join, simply by adding the hashtag #smilesfilm to any photo via Twitter.

    The app is part of a larger art exhibition by Ono, who is trying to create a worldwide collection of portraits. All the photos taken with the app and those including the hashtag will be included in her film.

    The project has a website and a Twitter account, @smilesfilm.

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