‘Breaking Bad’ Star Aaron Paul Flails on ‘The Price Is Right’ in 1998 (VIDEO)

'Breaking Bad' Star Aaron Paul Flails on 'The Price Is Right' in 1998 (VIDEO)
By Amanda Walgrove

  • On Thursday evening’s episode of The Tonight Show, Jay Leno surprised his guest, Breaking Bad‘s Aaron Paul, with some 14-year-old footage that his production team managed to scrounge up.

    The sufficiently embarrassing video shows an overly excited Paul as a contestant on the classic game show The Price Is Right, screaming and freaking out after he was invited by Bob Barker to “come on down!” and compete.

    Paul admits that he probably had about 12 Red Bulls in his system at the time, laughing and saying, “I look like I’m on meth.”

    Check out the rest of Paul’s commentary as he watches clips of his crowd-pleasing self from over a decade ago.