Killer Whale’s Near-Death Attack on Sea World Trainer (VIDEO)

Killer Whale's Near-Death Attack on Sea World Trainer (VIDEO)
By Amanda Walgrove
  • In 2006, SeaWorld San Diego trainer Ken Peters survived a near-death attack after being whipped around and dragged underwater for extended periods of time by 5,000 pound killer whale Kasatka.

    Exclusive 15-minute footage of the incident recently leaked onto YouTube, after author David Kirby publicized the video while promoting his new book, Death At SeaWorld.

    The video was originally presented at a 2011 trial in Florida, after federal regulators issued a citation against SeaWorld. And this wasn’t the first event of its kind, with SeaWorld Orlando’s 11,000-pound killer whale Tilikum having previously taken the lives of three trainers in sudden attacks.