Fashion Model “Comes Out” As Transgender

During a TED talk, model Geena Rocero opens up about being "born a boy."
By Brianna Baxter
  • Geena Rocero: Why I must come out

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    Fashion model Geena Rocero was born with the gender assignment “boy,” yet from a young age she knew she was a girl.

    She moved to the United States, legally changed her name and went to New York to pursue modeling.

    After she became a successful model she found a new purpose. And that purpose is to be a voice for the trans community. It took Geena a long time to ‘come out’ to friends, colleagues and even her agent.

    She said, “Because of my success I never had the courage to share my story… Not because I thought what I am is wrong but because how the world treats those of us who wish to break free. Everyday I am so grateful because I am a woman. I have a mom and dad and family who accepted me for who I am.”

    Now, her story is an inspiration for others, and hopefully, a step forward for the LGBTQ community.