Adobe Promises a Clear and Safe Future with AI Safety Protocols

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Adobe is a standout when it comes to the future of safety and generative AI images on the internet.

As of late, deepfake images have been running on the internet of Taylor Swift and more. Yet, Adobe is letting users know that despite the ability to use generative AI and other tools on their software, there are major protections when it comes to IP on the platform.

If users attempt to search any notable copyrighted names, figures or more, the search results will not appear in the Adobe database. Instead, only stock images cleared within the Adobe licenses will populate. This is major feat when it comes to protections across brands and notable IP protections.

Adobe Express and the new generative AI feature unveiled at Adobe Max.
Adobe Express and the new generative AI feature unveiled at Adobe Max.

Reflecting on the brand’s success in 2023, Andy Parsons noted, “As we embark on the new year, I’m excited to take a moment to reflect on a year of significant implementation and partnership momentum we’ve seen with Content Credentials across both the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) and the foundational open standards consortium the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA). Our ongoing collaboration with leaders across these communities points to a shared sense of urgency — a collective commitment to enhance trust in digital content, particularly in the generative era with Content Credentials — a “nutrition label” for digital content.”

Adobe Express hero imagery at Adobe MAX.
Adobe Express hero imagery at Adobe MAX.

As of late, OpenAI recently announced details around its initiatives to protect the integrity of global elections, including plans to implement Content Credentials for images generated by DALL·E 3. New and additional implementation of Content Credentials into generative AI platforms, camera hardware and mobile devices will be critical to broader access to provenance and transparency.

As of late, Adobe remains committed to collaborating with social media companies, news organizations, policy makers and content creators across channels to make Content Credentials the industry gold-standard for establishing trust in the digital ecosystem.

Adobe led continued innovation with creators in mind by driving implementation of Content Credentials across popular creative applications such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom — where creators can securely attach information such as name, date, edits made and tools used. This past year, Adobe announced additional Content Credentials availability for select generative AI features, including Generative Fill and text-to-image in Adobe’s generative AI model Firefly. Also in 2023, Content Credentials came to more Adobe Creative Cloud applications including Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Express, Adobe Stock and Behance.


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