Jeopardy Winner Amy Schneider Talks About the Importance of Representation and Her Life Post-Game Show

"I'm glad to give people what I wasn't able to get."
By Savannah Moss
Image: Getty Images Entertainment /Stefanie Keenan / Contributor Editorial - Getty Imagers

Amy Schneider, who has the second-longest win streak by winning 40 games in a row, discusses her life after the game show and the impact it has had on her life. Not only do fans of Jeopardy love her, but she is also an icon within the queer community. During the GLAAD Award red carpet, where she was specially recognized, she talked about the importance of representation, noting that while she knew how important it can be, she never knew how important until this experience. She says she received messages from people letting her know how important it was to themselves to feel represented on stage and in the game.

Schneider goes on to say that she thinks back to being a child and how much it would have meant to her to see someone like her on television, a sentiment that many in the LGBT community resonate with. She says that it would have “saved so much pain in my life” if she had seen LGBT people, specifically trans women, celebrated and lifted up by others.

Schneider says that she has a good memory and has watched the show her entire life, which means she is used to the types of questions they ask and how they word them. When it comes to keeping her mind sharp, she says that she does crossword puzzles, but she says that this is something to keep her calm, which is as important as well. Schneider is now engaged to her girlfriend of two years and advises that if you’re thinking of getting engaged, to make sure it is not a complete surprise.

When it comes to what’s next, she says that she is wedding planning, but has always been interested in writing a book. If you want to watch the whole video on Revry, click here.