Finnish Dude Crushes the Crap Out of Stuff on “Hydraulic Press Channel”

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  • What do you do if you have a hydraulic press, a camera and some time on your hands? Film yourself squishing things, of course.

    Five months ago, man from Finland launched the Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube where he sees how common household items hold up against intense pressure.

    Among the eight videos posted so far, the internet recently discovered one from last October, which tests the classic rule that it’s impossible to fold an A3-sized piece of paper more than seven times.

    The good news is that he was, in fact, able to fold the paper seven times by flattening it with the hydraulic press. The bizarre news is that on the seventh fold the paper literally exploded – “Vat da fuck!” he exclaimed in the background – and turned into a flat chunk of hard, plaster-like material that broke into pieces in his hands.

    Apparently that’s what happens when you try to challenge the sacred laws of the universe. I’m assuming if you find a way to fold the paper eight times, it would tear a hole through time and space.

    Realizing his newfound popularity, he posted a new video yesterday where he crushes a Nokia 3310 mobile phone, which has cleared a million views already. Stick around to the end to see the weird thing that happens when you crush modeling clay, and leave suggestions for what you want him to crush next in the comments.

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