Boss’ Reaction to Controversial Voicemail Message Goes Viral

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In a viral TikTok stirring debate and conversation around job applications and professionalism, this TikToker shares a voicemail in which the hiring manager blames her voicemail for the reason why she would no longer be considered for a job. In the video, the man informs her that if she continues to apply for jobs, she should have a more “appropiate voicemail.”

The video, which has over 900 thousand likes and 16 thousand comments, many of which are begging the TikTok user to show users what the voicemail was that was so innapropiate it costed her a job oppurtunity. In her next video, she updated the audience and showed her voicemail, which many agreed was a lot tamer than what they expected.

One commenter noted that the voicemail  “is childish but it shouldn’t have stopped you from getting a job. He’s miserable. Be glad you didn’t get hired.” The voicemail did not contain any curse words, profanity, or vulgar language, and just has Zanaya saying “What’s up” three times before encouraging people to leave their name, number, and “you know all that.” It definitely was not anywhere near as unprofessional as many anticipated.

In a follow up video, the TikTok creator took time to call out what she believed to be racial profiling and racism, as the commenter said that “these people wonder why they can’t get a good-paying job. They act like fools.” Zanaya took the time to respond to this comment, asking the commenter to clarify what she meant when she said “these people.” One person supported this belief, noting “She means black ppl, anytime someone says “these people” it means the opposite of their own skin color.”


Overall, many people seemed to agree that though the vociemail should probably be updated the next time she was applying for a job, especially if she would be interacting with clients or customers with the phone she has, it should not have been cause to no longer be considered for a job. Many commenters believed she dodged a bullet entirely by not working that particular occupation.

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