Healthy Gifts for the Holiday Season

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Tired of the same old holiday gifting? If you want to break out of entrenched habits and make a splash with your gift giving this year, consider focusing on health. For example, there are hundreds of things you can purchase for a loved one, acquaintance, or coworker that are both health-related and make excellent seasonal gifts. Plus, there’s no need to spend a lot or worry about fit, sizing, or special features. Most of the items listed below can be found at online or retail stores. This year, expand your options by including things like blue light glasses, vitamin C face serum, fruit baskets, massage certificates, and similar items on your list. Here are details about several of the most popular choices in the health-conscious category.

Blue Light Computer Glasses

For just a few dollars, you can purchase eye protection from long hours of computer use. The blue light in monitors can lead to tired, irritated eyes. Some people even complain of headaches after staring at screens for more than a half-hour. If you know someone who could use a little eye relief, consider buying them a pair or two of one size fits all blue light glasses. Prices are low, and you can buy them just about anywhere.

A person sits at a desk and types on their laptop. Photo: Christian Hume

Vitamin C Face Serum

If you already know about vitamin C benefits, then you won’t be surprised to learn that one of the hottest gifts of the season is face serum enhanced with vitamin C. You can purchase the product online, and keep in mind that it only takes a few drops to get the job done. The serum can rejuvenate tone, revive uneven skin, and produce a fully hydrated, bright look.

Close up of mid adult woman applying face serum on her face. Photo: Aja Koska

Neck Pillows

All over the world, it seems, people are discovering the relaxing benefits of neck pillows. If you sleep on your back, these small, circular cushions can help prevent early morning back aches. But no matter what your sleep posture is, a neck pillow does a good job of filling in the gap between neck and bed, which often causes soreness and tight shoulder muscles.

Fruit Baskets

Fruit baskets are enjoying a resurgence in demand after decades of so-so sales. Perhaps it’s the new emphasis on health and nutrition and using fruit as natures cereal for a healthy breakfast option. But something has propelled these colorful, delicious items to top-five status on most gifting lists. Look for local sellers as online baskets tend to be overpriced. Plus, when you buy local, you can see what you’re getting and avoid the guesswork of blindly shipping the thing to someone.

A fruit basket with a teddy bear. Photo: Vm

Bodywork Certificates

If you’ve ever received a certificate for a free massage, whirlpool spa, skin treatment, or sauna, you already understand that the small pieces of paper rank as A-level gifts. In today’s high pressure, fast paced society, bodywork services from a professional provider are one of the best forms of stress relief in existence. When you purchase certificates for someone else, try to get them from a salon in a convenient location for the recipient. Nothing’s more of a letdown than having to face a long drive home after a relaxing Swedish or therapeutic massage. Also, make sure to get open-ended certificates so there’s no expiration date on the service. Be careful, because some providers place one month must use by dates on all their gift cards.

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