Matilda Djerf Accused Of Stealing From Smaller Designers Across TikTok

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Matilda Djerf, known for her 1990s bombshell blowout haircut and now controversial “clean girl” aesthetic, now stands accused of copying designs from smaller labels, for her recently launched Djerf Avenue boutique.

Djerf’s style has undeniably resurfaced a number of classic and vintage trends, but has also sparked discourse on the exclusivity of the aesthetic’s trend among the TikTok generation. Sleeked hair buns, glossy lips, and more aspects of the trend can actually be linked back to Black and Latino communities, leading some creators who fall under this umbrella to call Djerf out for not giving credit where credit is due.

This controversy faded with time, with many quietly stepping away from the trend, until Djerf began to face a number of allegations from small businesses and young designers. Many now claim that Djerf stole their designs and had them either copyrighted under her label or remade with mass produced low quality materials. The same phenomenon has occurred with a number of brands, notably Urban Outfitters.


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Many alleged that Djerf obtained a copyright license for a fruit pattern used on an expensive pajama set for her brand. Smaller brands and Amazon manufacturers began selling similar ones, leading Djerf’s team to report a number of videos regarding the pajama set across TikTok. While many agree that it is wrong for new designers to steal Djerf’s designs, Djerf has allegedly been doing this prior to pajamagate herself.


silencing microinfluencers for doing EXACTLY what she did when she started is so backwards. #djerfave #dupes #matildadjerf #greenscreen #fashion

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Many of her pieces offer what some feel are an overpriced take on sustainable basics. Despite this criticism, Djerf does also offer a second-hand section of her website, which invites customers to list high end second hand items or purchase them.

Prior to Pajamagate, the prices of Djerf’s clothing alone were criticized. Much of her style is marketed to young women, and some feel the unattainable budget did not create for a fair trend cycle for high school and college aged girls and women. This especially came into question when the supposedly high end creations were made with polyester material and unnamed fabrics from Turkey. Additionally, the company allegedly did not pay models for the brand at Paris Fashion Week.



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Praise For Pajamas

Elsewhere, others credit Djerf for bringing classic style back after the past several years have allowed for a spike in micro trends in fashion. While her pieces are expensive, many feel that the simple basics could be reusable throughout a number of trend cycles, actually creating a more sustainable future in the long run.


Djerf Avenue is reaching with this one ????????‍♀️ BRB while i go buy all the djerf pajamas on Amazon now lol. OH & the print has faded so much after just 2 washes… #djerfavenue #matildadjerf #greenscreen

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Djerf issued a comment regarding the copyright team on her Instagram, but is yet to address claims that she stole from small designers. It is unclear whether any of the silenced designers intend to pursue legal action against Djerf at this time.

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