Online Casinos are Bringing Glamor, Guts, and Class to the Table with Hot New Trends in 2020

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How are online casinos adapting to the modern world of 2020? Several cutting-edge trends are laying the groundwork for a revolution across the industry.

This year is set to usher in a whole new era of entertainment. Music, movies, video games—all are thriving, but it turns out that online casinos are on the front lines as well. While they aren’t exactly a recent invention, fresh changes to the industry have piqued our interest in a big way. Competition is driving growth and innovation like never before, and players everywhere are becoming fascinated by the fun. 

High Competition Means Big Bonuses & More Options for Players 

2020 is an exciting time for the online casino industry. Laws are changing rapidly across the world, meaning that more players can legally and safely take part in online casino games. The EU has made strides towards improving the security of existing casinos and protecting players’ interests, while the US finally seems to be on the brink of becoming a casino-friendly nation.

A shift in the mindset of younger Americans may mean a bright future for online casino legalization in the U.S.A.

We’ve already seen four states become entirely legal, but now others are beginning to move forward as well. According to Sportwettenanbieter Neu, new legislation in Michigan has allowed online gambling and sports betting across the state, and Virginia is hot on the trail for passing their own iGaming laws. This untapped market is a hotbed of contest among providers, with each venue scrambling to stand out above the rest. However, competition isn’t relegated to the U.S.—changes across the globe have caused casinos everywhere to raise the stakes. 

All this competition means that many providers are going all-out with player bonuses, and reputable venues are hoping to gain popularity by offering up a modern rewards experience with an almost exclusive feel. For example, a welcome offer catches the eye of new players while a selection of daily promotions ensures continued satisfaction at prominent venues such as the 888 Casino online. Factors like these are designed to place the platform in a league of its own, and players are reaping the benefits.

However, as many seasoned casino enthusiasts will tell you, the size of the bonus isn’t the only thing that matters. Gaming selection must provide for an exciting and varied experience, satisfying curiosities and engaging players in new and exciting ways. After all, repetition gets boring. Developers are clapping back by expanding existing concepts and bringing new gaming ideas to the table with gamification and pop culture themes. 

Pop Culture Meets Gaming in Themed & Modern Way


Audience interests shift as time passes, and boredom becomes an inevitability without innovation. Waning attention presents a problem to all entertainment industries, and online casinos plan to fight tooth and nail to remain a top source of fun for their customers. Developers must anticipate upcoming trends in pop culture and current interests, weaving the trendy themes with new styles of play. 

That translates directly into more options for players. Gone will be the days of the rigid, homogenized gaming experience. As new generations become interested in online casino gaming, venues will present them with a variety of experiences and themes which fit in with their contrasting preferences, including music, television shows, art, and movies.

Video games based on popular TV shows like Futurama are already hitting the mark with audiences, and online casinos are following suit with fun slots games based on iconic bands and classic movies. Who doesn’t love transforming into their favorite actor to spin some reels? However, themes can only get players so far into the gaming experience—this generation of gamers needs action. They want control. 

With competition high and much at stake, casinos are developing new ways to gain players’ interest by focusing on pop culture and gamification.

Casinos are catering to this with gamification. You can see it evidenced with social gaming tournaments, wherein players compete with each other to get the highest score. Progress can be tracked and compared with a leaderboard or progress bar, and those who invest their time and skill can win special prizes. These are usually monetary, but can also include loyalty club reward points and access to exclusive promotions, as well as what some consider to be the highest millennial motivator of them all—bragging rights. 

Many people consider gamification to be a simple buzzword, but we’re betting developers will continue to run with it this year. After all, recent statistics confirm that gamification is growing in popularity around the world. In fact, 85% of workers now prefer to use gamified software for day to day operations, and it’s no surprise—games are compelling, engaging, and more stimulating than their traditional repetitive counterparts. Online casinos won’t ignore this trend, and players can expect to have their interests honored in the upcoming year.

Rise of Women & Gender Progression in the Online Playing Field 


Women are coming into their own as gamers, and online casinos will begin to work towards inclusivity in the coming year.

As casinos strive to honor the interests of players, they’re discovering that simply modifying their games and increasing their bonus rewards won’t do the trick. Today’s players are a diverse group of individuals. They come from all sorts of backgrounds, and they want representation. If casinos are to be successful, they need to become more inclusive. 

This year, we can expect to see more underrepresented groups getting a voice in the industry, and one of the loudest will be women. Historically, casino gaming has been a very male-dominated pastime, with much of casino research and game design being focused on male players. We can expect a shift in this mentality to take off this year, as more women enter the playing field and become a prominent part of the iGaming community. 

More games will emerge with themes and designs geared towards women, and more woman-centric marketing will start to grace our screens. We can also expect to see casinos offering a safer space for players of all genders, and venues beginning to cater towards a more socially progressive mindset in general. This is good news for everyone, as diversity begets innovation and modernization—meaning the casino industry will become more cutting edge and garner more respect than ever before. 

The iGaming industry of 2020 holds much intrigue. Current players are waiting on the edge of their seats to learn what new tidbits of fun await them this year, and those who haven’t shown any interest so far may very well find themselves drawn into the action with these thrilling trends. It seems like the cards are falling in everyone’s favor right now, and we’re excited to see where the year will take us. 

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