“Our Flag Means Death” Renewed for Season Two

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Just in time for pride month, a second season of the HBO Max show “Our Flag Means Death” was renewed for a second season. The show is set in 1717 and follows Stede Bonnet who leaves his life, including his wife, family, and a steady job to become a pirate. Based on real-life pirates Stede Bonnett and Ed Teach, the show follows as Bonnet struggles to be a pirate due to his gentlemanly personality. As the show continues, it features three queer relationships, which makes the show even more enticing to LGBT viewers. With a huge fanbase along with glowing reviews, many were unsurprised to see that the second season was confirmed.

When the announcement was made, Our Flag Means Death began to immediately trend as excited fans discussed what made the show so special and what they were looking forward to in the new season. “Our Flag Means Death is actually fundamentally hilarious in that the concept is an absolute disaster of a closeted homosexual decides he’s gonna buy a boat and five months later he’s gotten the Dread Pyrate Blackbeard to fall in love with him and HE breaks Blackbeard’s heart,” one fan wrote. Other fans celebrated by showing off their fan art made for the characters in the show.

Since the show waited what some deemed too long to announce a second season, some fans wondered if the show’s creators decided to wait to announce it on pride month on purpose. Either way, fans were excited to celebrate the beginning of pride with this announcement, with one fan saying “Our Flag Means Death got a second season, this is the best start to pride month ever. Since the second season was just announced, there is no date to expect the release yet, which does not stop fans from counting down when the show returns.

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